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Relationship satisfaction is our top priority
Welcome to Canine Culture!
If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Canine Culture I will give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. I offer the best in versatile, balanced, positive training techniques. Canine Culture has been located in Oneida since 2007. Let me put my experience to work for you.

He is a good dog, but he may not be the perfect "obedient" dog. He has a mind of his own, past experiences, and lack there of. But if you learn what makes him tick, and what motivates him to be disobedient or uncooperative at times and learn how to teach the skills that he is lacking, you are bound to improve his behavior.
The goal of Canine Culture Learning Center is to provide you with the skills you need to develop the ideal relationship with your dog.

Some of what I want to see YOU develop with your dog include, the ability to: 1) focus and pay attention; 2) break down and solve problems; 3) train for meaning and pleasure; 4) Think Dog!

Providing personal and professional service, in private and group dog training classes in Upstate Central New York. Private instruction available within a 2 hour radius.

Would you like to learn how to have better behavior, cooperation, and communication with your dog?

Would you like to learn who he/she really is, and who he needs YOU to be to help him overcome behavior problems and other common issues such as fearfulness and aggression?

Would you like to learn how to fulfill his nature to help correct hyperactivity and destructiveness?

Would you like to earn respect and cooperation, and develop the ULTIMATE relationship, without domination, pain or fear?

Or... is he just perfect, and you just want to learn how to have even MORE fun with your dog?!

If the answer to ANY of the previous questions is YES, come to CANINE CULTURE!

If you are interested in learning more about different activities and sports you can participate in with your dog, please check out...
They have a very thorough and user friendly list of fun dog activities, and links to find out more about them.

I service the communities in and around Syracuse and Utica and in between. Private consultations are available within a 2 hour radius.
CALL 315-280-0107 or if you are interested in classes, clinics or seminars. 
Group classes or clinics can be held in YOUR area if sufficient interest and location is available.

Dogs of all ages and breeds (mixes too!) are welcome in all classes! 

Using easy to understand motivational methods, anyone can master these skills in just a few short minutes a day.
The time you spend living with your dog, and incorporating the skills you learn into your life, is much more important than isolated training sessions.

No matter what your success has been in the past I am confident that you will gain a much better understanding of the canine mind. With this knowledge it will be easier for you to improve most behavioral problems such as shyness, reactivity, phobias, and even aggression.

Canine Culture provides the type of learning style that is only available through one-on-one, or in a small group setting.
You can attend a variety of classes geared towards the specific topics that you are interested in.

Anyone can improve their pet communication skills. Whether you are an experienced dog owner or it's your first puppy, the sky is the limit to what you can do with your dog. If you are interested in sports, competition, a nice leisurely stroll in the park or what ever you might be dreaming of...
Wyatt was very nervous about going for a ride at first... but with a skillful introduction (and a safety harness and belt) he now LOVES going for a ride!
There are a couple of other important things I include in my classes that I think are very important, that I don't believe are sufficiently covered in many training classes. 
Those things are relationship building exercises that cover 2 important topics... trust and respect.
I believe in order to have the proper relationship, partnership if you will, you must have trust and respect. Love is not enough to allow someone, human or animal, to follow, heed, honor, appreciate, admire or even pay attention to you. You need assurance, consistency, faith... or trust. 
How can you define love without trust and respect? Perhaps love with trust and respect isn't as unconditional as you might want to think.

These are some words that I think are often misunderstood. At least in the way I intend them.
"Respect" is a word that often has the mistaken impression of something that is earned by force or negative means. However, a common definition would be... admiration given by others. Some common synonyms that I think better describe what I intend an owner to be able to earn from their dog would be... appreciation, consideration, courtesy, deference, esteem, regard, favor, reverence... pick your favorite descriptive word for how you want your dog to view you.

How do you show respect to someone or something? It is how you give to pressure. There are many different kinds of pressure. Social, physical, spacial, emotional are all kinds of pressure were respond to. How we respond to them depends on our amount of trust, respect, or comfort level we have to the situation.

Trust is relevant to the problem or situation. You may want to believe that your dog trusts you, but does he put his faith in you when he is nervous or afraid? Does he rely on you to make him feel safe? Or does he rely on himself by practicing fear aggression or avoidance in order to protect himself?

Any type of avoidance behavior your dog exhibits, is him/her showing he has reservations or lack of trust in the situation. Issues with simple restraint, nail trimming, the vet, new places, new people, even new situations in your own home... these are symptoms. They are things that should be recognized and addressed.

These behaviors are very changeable in all dogs. You can even completely fix these issues in shy and fearful dogs if you learn how to be what they need of you. Earn their trust and teach them to depend on you. If you can do this in their day to day life, they will learn to trust and depend on you in even very stressful situations. No matter what their past experience!

It is very empowering to have a dog with past issues give you this level of trust and respect. Learn how to have it all! I can give it to you!
Group and private classes are currently available in several central New York locations.
Oneida at Canine Culture Learning Center
Cicero at Shear Love Pet Grooming
New Hartford at New Hartford Animal Hospital
Syracuse at Bark Avenue Doggie Daycare 
Utica at Karen's Groom Room
Wampsville at Village Veterinary Hospital 

Private in-home classes are also available both durring the day and in the evening. 

Puppy obedience classes are available. The classes running now are basic and intermediate home behavior. These classes are geared to puppies 8 weeks to 8 months (12 months for small breeds). 
Requirements for the Intermediate Classes are to have attended our Basic/Puppy Primer Obedience Classes or private classes.
We are conveniently located within half a hour of Syracuse, Utica, Rome, New Harford, Cazenovia, Dewitt, Fayetteville and Camden. Less than 10 minutes off of thruway exit 34.
See the Programs/Schedules page for more information and feel free to call with any questions.
Schedule a Private Consultation to evaluate what you and your dog need.
The key to teaching and learning, is relationship.
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Lisa Mawson, owner/trainer at Canine Culture, 
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