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About Canine Culture
Canine Culture is privately-owned and operated right here in Oneida, NY. Since I opened my doors in 2003, I’ve treated every customer like they were a part of my family.

My happy students and veterinarians are my most common source of referrals.
Canine Culture training center is constantly evolving. I am always working to make it more what you would like it to be. Where you can work with your dog in a friendly, safe place, with other people who also enjoy their dogs and manage them responsibly.
Please come and grow with us! It will be an 'incredible journey', I promise!

My Methodology
I am occasionally asked "What method do you use?". I find this a somewhat difficult question to answer. I have, over the years, learned and used many different 'methods', and incorporated aspects of all of them into my own. Different techniques are typically used based on each individual dog and owners needs.
Having said that, the best answer to that question is... the one that works! 

You and I will determine and develop the best method for you, based on you, and your dogs, personality, temperament, and learning style.
NO ONE METHOD works for all dogs, owners, or problems. This is why some people can be more successful with one trainer or teacher, over another. 

But, dogs learn with, or without our help. Dogs do what works. They don't do, what doesn't work. Now, what "works" is, from the dogs point of view. Not yours. It is up to you to give them the skills and teach them what you want, effectively, or allow them to learn, and practice (they do get better with practice), doing the things you don't want.
So if you have attended other obedience classes, read books, tried different equipment, and not been successful long term... you are not alone. Don't give up!
If you consider yourself an experienced dog owner, and have had other dogs with no problems, but have difficulty with your current one... this is very common. 

It is difficult to learn the correct pressure, timing and technique, for any method, from a book or television show. It is also common for many methods to appear to actually contradict one another.
Confused yet?

Our goal is to teach you how to understand, teach, and communicate with, your dog. So YOU can teach him what will "work" for him, and what won't. Also to help him understand what you want...  how that can be a rewarding experience for him... or that it is a behavior he should avoid.

We keep group puppy classes small, and offer specialized private programs to best be able to give proper attention to evaluating each dogs' and owners' needs. We help you understand what those needs and behaviors are, and how best to teach them.

Lisa Mawson, Owner, Trainer

I started my animal obsession in high school with concentrated study in genetics, animal behavior and training. Covering these topics in detail at multiple science fairs (admittedly, in hindsight, an excuse to have more involvement with animals than my family's household pets could supply). Years later, I became a volunteer in a special interest department at Rosamond Gifford Zoo. 

I began my journey in dog training in 1989 with my first dog, Buddy, a 185 pound English Mastiff adopted at 2 years of age. In 1993 I started challenging my knowledge and skills with Willy, an American Staffordshire Terrier and a German Shepherd, Katie, training for a wide variety of competitive sports. Together we successfully competed and earned titles and ribbons in Obedience, Schutzhund, Agility, Tracking, and Weight pulling. 
I also also had a career with pets, over the years, beginning early on as a manager in pet retail, veterinary assistant and as a dog groomer. 

After becoming a veterinary assistant I concurrently gained a special interest education in behavior, orthopedics, rehabilitation and canine nutrition. Over the years, I have studied many courses at Cornell, including topics of canine behavior, canine aggression, anxiety and nutrition among many other topics.

I have had the great fortune to attend and host, many different seminars, clinics workshops over the last 20 years from some of the most respected behaviorists, veterinarians, ethologists, authors and trainers from across the country and Europe. Some of those trainers including, but not limmited to... Ian Dunbar Ph.D, Patricia McConnell DVM, Ray Coppinger Ph.D, Christine Zink DVM, Cesar Millan, Gary Wilkes, Karen Pryor, Patty Ruzzo, Sue Sternberg, Brenda Aloff, and SO many others over the years, and at the annual national conferences of the Association of Professional dog Trainers I couldn't possibly name them all here.

Lisa Mawson Head Teacher/Trainer  
Please call 315-280-0107

Certified Professional Trainer
Member of the APDT #84335
(Association of Professional Dog Trainers)
Approved master trainer by Animal Behavior College

Lisa has trained 10 and titled 7 of her own dogs, starting in the late 80's in multiple sports and disciplines including obedience, agility, schutzhund and weight pulling. She has also trained 2 deer search dogs and several therapy dogs and continue to dabble in new sports all of the time with her own dogs, including herding, freestyle, Rally, carting, tracking, lure coursing, barn hunt and scent detection (deer tracking), as well as other sports with her clients and their dogs, such as water rescue, carting, retrieving, field and assistance work.

She continues educate herself about animal behavior and learning theory, and the neurology of behavior for over 20 years, attending seminars and classes from some of the best known trainers and behaviorists from across the country. Lisa is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and has given workshops at the annual APDT Conference to other professional trainers as well as authored and article for their monthly magazine, Chronicle of the Dog.

Romeo's Mirage By Hammer WD, WDX, WDS      a.k.a.  "James"  2005 - 2016
 UKC American Pit Bull Terrier / AKC American Staffordshire Terrier

Please join us in your journey to discover yourself, as you learn to relate more effectively with your dog.
Discover who he is, the things he needs and enjoys, and how to enjoy those things with him.

Let a dog show you how to really have fun, relax, and live in the moment.
Its not so much about control, as it is about cooperation and communication.

Lisa Mawson and Vegas
Lisa's canine family from the past... gone but not forgotten. "My best teachers."
Lisa's "Buddy" 1987-1995   English Mastiff
X-pert Beers' Iron Will CGC, SCT, CD, TT, Sch B, Sch AD, NA, WD       a.k.a. "Willie" 
 1993-2004                American Staffordshire Terrier
Katie Sioux Vom Blizen Haus CGC, TT, CD and NYS Deer Search Dog     a.k.a. "Katie"  
    1993-2003                            German Shepherd

Storytimes Over I'm C N Spots CGC, TDI, TT
a.k.a. "Alex"  1996-2004
American Staffordshire Terrier
Legends' Cool Hand Luke CGC, NA, NAJ, CD, OAJ, TT   a.k.a. "Luke"  1999-2010  
American Staffordshire Terrier

UKC Ch. Romeo's Two Moon Scribbles CGC, TT, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, WD, WDX, WDS       a.k.a "Vegas"  2004- 2014     
  AKC Am. Staff./UKC Am. PBT   
Cody 1991-1992 daschund mix (no pic)
Bandersnatch Daredevil a.k.a. "Wyatt" Border Terrier    4/2011
            Libby Lips TT, WD a.k.a."Libby" 
2005-2015  Boston Terrier mix

Blueberry Fields Photography.
Blueberry Fields Photography
Mia a.k.a "MiMi"  
Smooth Collie/Labrador mix   1/2015
Lisa Mawson and Libby
Blueberry Fields Photography

Combining these with my veterinary  experience teaching proper pet care, understanding a clients needs, and training knowledge, I started officially educating dog owners in 1998. Canine Culture was started in 2003. 

I along with 4 others, founded the American Pulling Dog Association in 2014. The purpose is to promote the physical benefits, as well as the very significant behavioral benefits, of the sport of Weightpulling, as well as sanction competition events, and educate about the sport. 

​Lisa Mawson been a speaker and presented at the 2014 APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) national conference in Connecticut, as well as written an article for the Spring 2015 APDT publication The Chronicle.

She also maintains 3 websites, and and (her farm) as well as respective Facebook pages for each website, and a blog at

Lisa skills specialize in solving anxiety, fears, phobias, hyperactivity and aggression.

​She can be reached through websites or email at .

Lisa currently live in upstate New York with sheep, goats, a horse, chickens, barn cats, 2 parrots, and 3 dogs; Wyatt a Border Terrier and Mimi a Smooth Collie/ Labrador mix, and Gage a Standard Poodle.
Touchstone Above Caliber a.k.a "Gage"
Standard Poodle 12/16