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Clinics and Classes
Your dog has a personality, life experience, and needs, that may require help and specific behavioral skills that s/he didn't come with, to fit in with your plans and lifestyle.
​What makes my classes different than others?

I am Lisa Mawson, a trainer and behaviorist who has over 19 years of experience and success as a professional trainer, helping owners create their perfect dog.

can help you learn how to train your dog.

can help you give you the tools to be a great owner, and give your dog the skills to be the best dog for you!

will help you develop the tools to be successful in solving your own problems that you experience with your dog... for the rest of his life.

You have a personality, experience and learning style that requires certain things for you to learn and retain information to the best of your ability.
Your dog also has a personality, life experience, and needs, that may require help and specific behavioral skills that s/he didn't come with, to fit in with your plans and lifestyle.

Your desire may be to just to have a housebroken, happy and well behaved in public, dog... or you may have much more advanced goals.
Your dog has a very important job. It is your job to teach him how to do it to his best ability! 
This is what I do.

If you have been to other trainers and were unsuccessful in fixing your problem, DONT GIVE UP!
I have worked with many clients who have seen as many as 3 other trainers or behaviorists without the desired results, yet they quickly found results with me.
This is not to say they were inferior trainers, it is only to say their experience, methods, or ability to communicate those things effectively for you.

What do I do differently?

The skills that are important to solve problems with my students, are the same things that are important to instill in ALL dogs from the start to form the ideal relationship. If you knew those things, and had the skills and knowledge, you can not only prevent, but fix, nearly any issues that develop. 
I don't use or require any special training equipment other than a flat, no-slip, buckle collar (or martingale collar) and a 4-6 foot leash. No harnesses, no choke chains. I also require a treat pouch and good, healthy treats.
I teach you how to communicate with your dog using body language and visual as well as verbal cues. I teach you how to reinforce behavior properly in the training process so that you aren't reliant on the food for behavior later, as well as how to disagree with unwanted behavior.
I also teach you how to use the leash as a form of control and communication of direction, not simply a form of restraint and/or punishment.
Understanding is the first step. You feeling comfortable that you understand and can use the techniques is important. Applying the right method for your dogs temperament is also important. I keep the classes small and offer several private programs, so we can evaluate the various personalities (of dogs and owners) to provide a productive learning environment for everyone and meet special needs as necessary.
Please feel free to call and lets start to create the level of communication that you both are comfortable with. That is the best one possible.
Puppy Primer classes offered at several veterinarians, groomers and doggie-daycares across central New York, including Syracuse, Liverpool, Oneida, Rome, Cicero, New Hartford and Utica. Dates depending, as classes fill on a very limited basis.
A group session includes 4, 2 hour classes. 
Class size 4-8.
Topics include:
-Housebreaking and crate training
- Calming, focusing and self control techniques using touch (body work) and using food
- Introducing handling and body desensitizing techniques intended to build trust and respect for any type of handling, grooming, etc.
- Establishing a behavior "marker" association for effectively communicating correct behavior to the dog. We use "yes", not clickers, as a behavior 'mark'.
- Importance and reliability of name recognition
- Sit, down and the beginning concept of stay
- Introducing a reliable recall ("come" cue)
- "Leave it"
- Yielding to pressure... to control jumping and earn respect for personal space

New classes starting every month. please call, class size is limited to a minimum of 4 maximum of 8.
Private classes are always available. At your location or mine, daytime or evening.

Weight pulling classes Handlers work on teaching dog proper technique for introducing their dog to dragging (the conditioning method for weight pulling), how to motivate, as well as proper conditioning for sport, exercise, and using for behavioral and physical therapy. Private class fees are $30 per half hour.

Call 315-280-0107 or                     for registering or additional questions on classes offered. 

Private classes are available for ANY topic or problem. You can hone your skills for competition obedience, agility, freestyle, CGC (Canine Good Citizen) or any type of behavior problem.
Every class is built upon an evaluation of your dogs temperament and needs, as well as your expectations. Then a plan is designed specifically for you and your dog!
Even if you have been to other trainers or classes, and not been successful, don't give up! There are many methods, tools, skill levels and experience. Call and make an appointment for an evaluation. Meet me, learn more about your dogs personality, temperament, and what he needs from you to be successful. See if you like me, my style, and decide if you feel comfortable before committing to a program.
You wont be disappointed!
You will learn a lot about your dog, even in an evaluation... you decide.
Golly, a Silky Terrier, and a day old lamb.
Contact Us
One seminar I will be offer on a regular basis, which is not required, but recommended for anyone taking any class, is our Learning Training Seminar. You will be much farther ahead, since the information in it is the basis of our training method, and because the seminar will be offered regularly the information in it, will not be included extensively in group or private classes, so that we can focus on skills.
This seminar is for people only. You will not be bringing your dog.

with Lisa Mawson
Fee $50 per person

Topics include:

- Training philosophy
- The human / dog relationship
- Communication
  Similarities and differences between dogs and humans
  Problems and barriers
  Body language vs. verbal cues
- Basics of canine learning
  Positive and negative reinforcement
  Types of reinforcers
  Luring vs. rewarding (reinforcing) vs. "bribing"
  Importance of timing (What are you actually reinforcing?)
  Using a marker to improve communication

Activities include:
- Hands-on activities for marking and shaping
- Training games for participants
- Dog and human demonstrations

Post seminar:
- Homework assignments and class activities (for obedience class participants only)
- Optional, trained dog demo / introduction with trainers' dogs

Dates this seminar will be offered (keep checking for future dates or date changes)...

  or call for directions and to reserve your spot.

Note: All classes and seminar topics are available privately as well. So if you call for information please let me know what you are interested in. Its all about learning.

Body Language and Intent / Yours and Theirs
with Lisa Mawson 

Topics Include:

-Understanding body language
human and canine
- Communication differences and similarities
-Problems with emotion... ?

Have you watched various dog training shows and not really understood what they mean by using "energy" or creating "intention" when communicating with or understanding your dog? 

Not really sure you understand how to dominate your dog? Or if you want to? Is the "Alfa" theory the answer? 

Learn more about these topics and how to create the relationship and behavior that you want.

Turn Nerves to Verve!
Working with the fearful, nervous or underconfident dog.

Does your dog react to people, places or situations in ways you don't understand? Some dogs react fearfully, aggressively, shut down, or even in a very excited way to new experiences.

Sometimes this is a result of past experience (i.e. abuse or neglect) or sometimes it is just their natural way of responding to stimulation that may be a result of their natural temperament. Either way... you can change or modify these behavior patterns. Give your dog a new experience of how to relate to a previously frightening experience. YES! Even with an older dog.

Working with Fearful Animals
Yes, even our dogs... the social, scavenging, opportunistic, predators that they are... are often nervous, fearful animals that can behave in ways we do not expect or understand. Learn how different animals react to stress and find out how similar it can be to how your dog behaves and reacts. Learn how to calm and earn trust with an animal you don't know or have a relationship with.
We will be doing this with not only dogs to demonstrate and teach (you as well as them), but also other animals such as sheep, lambs, cats and chickens and... who knows what else!
If you would like to experience a different type of training, leave your preconceived notions at the door and join us!

"Trust Training"
The hands-on way to building the ultimate relationship with your dog.

Many dogs have anxiety about physical handling. Even with their owners. This can be fixed!

Learn how to use hands-on techniques to create the perfect bond with a new dog, or old. 
These techniques will teach dogs to trust the owner. You will learn how to teach your dog body handling skills, as well as learning how to respond to physical pressure, which can be used to both sensitizing and de-sensitize your dog. You will also learn how to teach pressure cues, as well as learning how to use gentle pressure to communicate intention as well as create relaxation. This is also referred to as a relaxation response or conditioned relaxation.
These techniques are irreplaceable in learning how to calm stressed and anxious animals as well as helping teach self control to high energy individuals.

If you want to learn how to use your hands to communicate with animals, or if you have a shy, nervous, hyper or reactive dog, this seminar is for you.
"Sharing Space"
The gentle way to teach dogs to respect personal space and you learn to use body language to communicate more effectively.

Learn how to understand and use body language both to communicate, understand and create respect and control. 
These techniques can help create focus, attention and also be used to break fixation and aroused focus on inappropriate targets, whether the reason is excitement, fear or aggression.

This method is surprisingly simple once you understand and does not require physical punishment, yet aids in teaching "heel" or loose leash walking, "leave it" and "off" in a way the dog will easily understand.
This technique is irreplaceable in helping to rehabilitate reactive issues, especially related to fear and anxiety. It also helps communicate your intent to the dog in a very specific manner without stress once they understand.

​If you want to learn how to use your body language to communicate with animals, or if you have a shy, nervous, hyper or reactive dog, this seminar is for you.

Any workshops that do not have current dates scheduled can be given in a private scheduled event for you and your family or for your club or training center.
Please call for more information. 315-280-0107
Physical and Behavioral Wellness
with Lisa Mawson

Is your dog shy, nervous or high energy?
Does your dog have difficulty with self control, focus or anxiety problems? Does he/she seem physically sensitive or even become exited when touched, or avoid physical contact that you might think they should enjoy?

Lean how to create calmness with your hands. 
You will learn how to use touch to reduce anxiety, physical discomfort, and build  your dogs confidence in you and physical handling, regardless of his/her history or age.
Create the perfect state of mind for learning and experiencing calmness and relaxation.

​If you believe your excitable or nervous canine companion just might be able to benefit please join us and TRY IT! You will observe your dog changing states before your eyes. This can , and has been, a life changing experience for many dogs and owners.

Class fee schedule:
 Initial introduction workshop is $40 per dog.
After attending introduction, fee is $20 per 1 hour group session. Or buy a package of 8 classes for $150. Class size is limited.
Zeus and his momma, Heather, practicing attention during a quite distracting foraging session of my Swedish Flower hens. Fantastic attention from this young man. Because he has learned self control, he gets to enjoy being close and is allowed to watch critters and enjoy going more places with his family. The gold star goes to this pair!