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Different Programs Available... to fit what you, and your dog, needs!
I offer several different program and service options to fit your needs. 
In the last few years, Group classes have tended to fall out of popularity with many people for many reasons, including, limited time/day availability for many people, and group targeted training profile doesn't fit many dogs/owners specific needs. For this reason Group classes are only scheduled on a very limited basis. For a more in depth program based on what you and your unique dog require, any program can be modified to your needs, such as if you have multiple dogs, need in-home privates, or other unique situations.

Please call for more information to choose the best plan to work for you. 315-280-0107

Credit cards and Debit cards are accepted via PayPal. This button will be available soon, until then
please call 315-280-0107 for paypal payment information. Email

Checks are excepted but must be prepaid with time to clear, at least 1 week, before your scheduled session. 
Cash also accepted. Payment required at, or before, scheduled service begins.
The following programs can take place according to YOUR convenience. They are priced as written but can be customized according to your needs. A private consultation may be recommended to evaluate your dogs personality, temperament, your learning style and what will be needed to attain your desired results.
For premium results, it is recommended that the first few private lessons are scheduled and take place weekly, if possible, until desired effect is achieved. Then, any remaining private classes left can be used within 1 - 3 years (depending on the program). 
Anything that is specified unlimited may take place any time for the life of the dog.
The program description is for example purposes. In the programs you are basically paying for the program as a package of hours. You are not held back to the list below of topics or behaviors. The more you lean and accomplish, with practice, the more I will teach you! The classes are designed by YOUR goals.

Group Social classes in the following 3 programs are not the same as the basic, "Puppy Primer" group classes. They are designed in a "field trip" type manner as a source of controlled socializing. They are for the purpose of training and controlled exposure to new experiences and environments in a safe manner. Class size is limited to 4. There is a closed Facebook Group that is specifically for Canine Culture clients for notification of upcoming Group Social classes and events.

The first private class in a program is typically 2 hours long. After your first class, you can be scheduled with 2 hour classes. depending on what we plan to work on (based on your evaluation and specific needs) OR 1 hour classes.

 #1 The Well-Mannered Dog
Imagine your dog being a absolute joy to be around, not jumping on anyone. Having your friends and family telling you your dog is so well behaved! Listening every time. This is what I do. YES! Even your dog.
This is for the family that wants to be involved with every step of the training. 
The Well-Mannered Dog Program can be customized for you and your dogs needs.

Includes: (8 hours private instruction)
4+ private lessons at one of my training locations. 
Group Social classes at a variety of locations is essentially a "field trip" for distraction training purposes. 
5 commands (behaviors) name response, sit, down, come, beginning loose leash walking, leave it.

Description: Geared for dogs 6 months and up but can be fitted to puppies also.
Benefits: You will learn the necessary skills to teach 5 basic behaviors AND how to create calmness and focus, to gain trust and ideal attention to facilitate learning and motivation.
Private and group classes to be used within 1 year.

 #2 The Dream Dog
Imagine your dog, the sensitive or excitable individual he/she is, building confidence, learning self control and actually becoming that dog you dreamed of when you brought him home. No more anxiety, for you or him. No more embarrassment because he cannot focus. Confidence in him AND you that you both know how to handle the outside world.
This is for the owner that is determined to learn how to rehabilitate any behavioral problems themselves. Whether the dog has been owned since puppyhood and is just very sensitive, or is a Rescue of unknown history. 
He/she is your dog now. Lets get to work!

The Dream Dog Program price is to be determined upon a consultation and what the dog and owner needs. Price can vary based on location and whether or not additional day-training is desired, prefer your location privates, etc.

The Dream Dog Program price can be customized for you and your dogs needs.
Includes: (12 hours private instruction)
Private lessons at one of my training locations.
3 if your private lessons at owners location (day-training may be added) 
Group Social classes.
7 commands (behaviors) name response, sit, down, come, leave it, heel, back away. (or determined by owner)

Description: Geared for dogs 6 months and up. Can be fitted to puppies also. 
Benefits: You will gain a Well-Mannered Dog, PLUS more time, and more advanced skills for basic behaviors as well as better control in distracting environments.
Private and group classes to be used within 2 years.

 #3 The Amazing Dog
Imagine the perfect dog. Your dog. Tricks, a companion, a dog that can go to work with you. Learning the skills it takes so that you can eventually teach him whatever you want! Agility, retrieving, tricks so you can post lovely, silly things to facebook or twitter. So he can be an active part of your family anywhere. Even in environments that can stress many dogs. 
If you want maximum skills and leaning for you and your dog, this program is for you!

The Amazing Dog Program is determined based on your location, needs, multiple dogs, and whether or not additional day-training is desired among many other optional details.

Includes: (18 hours private instruction)
Private lessons at owners home or other agreed upon location (i.e. park, dog show or place of business) (day-training may be added)
Unlimited Group Social classes at any of my locations for the life of your dog.
9 commands, the seven listed in Program #2 and two of owners choice (i.e. stay, retrieve) OR any previously agreed upon issues for dogs with behavioral problems (i.e. fear/anxiety related issues or hyperactivity/reactive problems) Or determined by owner for special training (i.e. breed ring showing, agility, competition obedience, etc.)

Description: Geared for dogs 6 months and up.
Private classes to be used within a 3 year period and unlimited group classes for the life of 1 dog.

*Group Social classes:  Tthe definition of socialization, it is to "make (someone) behave in a way that is acceptable to their society". We also use these classes as a  "field trip" source of distraction training. Or to cause a dog to experience new situations and experiences in a safe, controlled environment. This way the owner can learn how to expose their dog to novel situations at home.
The Amazing Dog Program can be customized for you and your dogs needs.

Group Social/Distraction Classes
These group classes are available ONLY to clients who have participated and completed one of Canine Culture's private programs or group classes in the past. Certain skills that are not taught by other trainers are required for safe effective participation of all students attending. Class averages 1 to 2 hours depending on number of students participating that day.

Some of the above listed programs include some of these classes.  Each class size is limited to a total of 4 dogs.

To purchase additional classes the fees are as follows.
1 Group Social class $25
5 classes to be used within a year. $100
10 classes to be used over the life of the dog. $200
Unlimited, to be used over the life of the dog. $500

A closed Facebook page is available for students who qualify for these group classes to notify dates and locations of upcoming classes and events. Canine Culture Client Event Notification
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Here is a questionnaire and waiver that provides helpful information for me to provide maximum benefit to you and your dog. Please print and bring to your appointment.
Does your dogs behavior embarrass you?
Do you simply dread taking your dog out in public?
Do you simply want to enjoy life with your dog?
Canine Culture CAN HELP YOU!
Convenient, customized dog training that actually works!
This is a 5 month Bulldog puppy names Zeus. He is certainly already a Well-Mannered Dog. But if he isn't already well on his way to a Dream Dog, due to the consistency and determination of his owners, I don't know what is!